Canopy Raising Lewisburg TN

Canopy Raising Lewisburg TN

Canopy Raising Lewisburg

Tree Canopy

Why canopy raising Lewisburg TN is important. This is a type of tree pruning to protect your trees, property, and structures. If you have large, low branches growing at the top and they began growing downward, it can stunt the growth of healthy branches and make it prone to fall during high winds.

Tree Canopy Lewisburg

Tree Thinning

This removes a portion of branches and limbs, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage that's evenly spaced and allows air to move through easier which helps the tree stay upright during high wind storms and tonadoes.

Dead Pruning

Dead Pruning

It is important to remove dead, dying, or diseased branches and limbs. This not only keeps your tree healthy, it improves the appearance and gives your property better curb appeal, and lessens risk of injury to you or your structures.

Canopy raising keeps your trees healthy and property and people safer

How To Trim

Crown Reduction

If you're concerned your tree may be too tall, crown reduction ensures it does not become too top heavy which is done by cutting small branches attached to large, heavy ones.

Crown Lifting

This type of pruning removes low hanging limbs and branches that weigh down the high branches. This should start when trees are young, not with very mature trees.

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