Tree Topping

Tree Topping
Tree Topping

Our tree topping services are available year round. Topping involves removing the entire top or large branches at the top.

Tree Crowning
Tree Crowning

This removes a portion of branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage that's evenly spaced.

Tree Pollarding

This is a pruning system that removes the upper branches of a tree and promotes a dense head of foliage and branches.

Topping keeps your trees healthy and away from power lines and structures

When To Trim

Winter Trimming

Nonblooming Trees; Prune in late winter while fully dormant. Summer-blooming Trees; Prune in late winter.

Spring Pruning

Spring-blooming Trees and Shrubs; Wait until immediately after they bloom but you still should prune them as early as possible.

Free Estimates

TBM Tree Service will provide a free written estimate before any work is contracted for tree topping, trimming, cutting and removal services.