We offer tree service estimates

We'll go out on a limb for you

Storm damage clean up in a hurry!

Tree Trimming TN
Tree Trimming

Our tree cutting and pruning services are available year round.

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Tree Removal TN
Tree Removal

We remove cut trees or turn them into firewood or wood mulch.

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Stump Removal TN
Stump Removal

Stumps are tough and deeply rooted, call us to get the job done.

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Storm Damage TN
Storm Damage

In Tennessee, we know how much clean up is needed after the storm.

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Storm Clean Up TN
Clean Up

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, ice storms, call us for the best clean up crew.

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Tree Service Estimate
Contact Us

Emailing us is easy and we will provide you a free estimate for services.

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Tree Service

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Licensed & Insured

TBM Tree Service is licensed in Tennessee and carries General Liability insurance. We are experienced and utilize safety measures, we also take steps to protect your property.

Fast removal and clean up

Experienced tree cutters get the job done quickly and remove the debris or convert it for your use. We provide written estimates and invoices for your records.

Large stumps, No problem

Unless you're entering a stump jumping contest, you want them off your property. Call us and schedule a time we can meet and give you an estimate for taking care of your stumps.

Shelbyville Tree Service

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